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GH lately...

Posted By glam sugar on Dec 3, 2008 at 12:01PM

What do you think of GH lately? It looks like they're going to push Sam and Jason back together. I used to like them but had gotten used to her with Lucky. I might warm up to the idea quickly if they have him remove his shirt. ;)

I'm glad Patrick and Robin finally had their baby and I hope the writers come up with a decent storyline for them.

I'm loving Maxie and her friendship with Spinelli. I also love most of her outfits—Kate's too. :fashionistas:

I think it would be kind of fun to have Helena return and meet Anthony. :evil:

If I were Jax, I think I might just give up on marriage. It hasn't gone so well for him.

What do you think of the current storylines?

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GH Fall Promo...

Posted By glam sugar on Oct 6, 2008 at 12:26PM

watch it here

So what do you think? I'm all for having some more love going on but the video wasn't as steamy as I thought it might be from the description above it.

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General Hospital Night Shift—spoilerish

Posted By glam sugar on Jul 24, 2008 at 10:59AM

Yep, Jagger is still smokin' hot!Yep, Jagger is still smokin' hot!

General Hospital Night Shift Season 2 kicked off on Tuesday night. I've watched the first episode and it was good. It wasn't quite as exciting as the series debut last year but it was good.

I liked the way Robin and Patrick are written for this show. They are still a bit combative but it's about bigger things (not blogs) unlike GH. There's new doctors again and the old Dr. Julian's real life brother is now playing Leo and he's kinda cute. My favorite part so far is the return of Jagger. I wonder what will be wrong with his son Stone?

Has anyone else watched it yet???

GH Night Shift 2 (some spoilerish content)

Posted By glam sugar on Jun 23, 2008 at 8:40AM

Night Shift will be back this July! I personally liked the first season, the first few episodes were great and overall it was good.

Season 2 will bring back Antonio Sabato Jr. as Jagger :pepino: and he'll have a son named Stone. (awwww!) Tristan Rogers will also star as Robert Scorpio and evidently they're going to pretend that 2006 didn't exist and he'd been keeping in contact with Robin.


GH Lately...

Posted By glam sugar on Jun 18, 2008 at 11:30AM

I'm glad the Patrick/Robin blog thing appears to be going away, that was getting tiresome. I prefer they focus on other stuff, like maybe discussing a future together and cohabitation?

I'm still loving Maxie and her interaction with Spinelli but still don't want them to be a couple. Diane and Max are hilarious and I'd love to see them on more.

I'm tired of the whole Carly/Jax/Sonny situation, I'm dreading a WTD storyline.

Jason's been looking hot, Nikolas, Patrick and Johnny too. And I actually kind of like Nik and Claudia together right now.

What have you been liking/disliking?

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New Scoop on Robin's Medical Emergency!

Posted By lala2002 on Jun 5, 2008 at 12:56PM

Hey ladies, these are spoilers from SOD. They were posted to my Yahoo Scrubs group. If anyone is a fan of Patrick and Robin you gotta join this group. It's great! Anyway here's the scoop:

Robin and Patrick

Record This

6/16 - Alexis rips into Sonny and Carly after being threatened by Anthony, while Patrick refuses to let Robin out of his sight.

6/17 - Jax and Kate take note of Carson's behavior.

What Will Happen

Carly contemplates revenge against Kate.

Sam and Lucky search for Luke.

Robin fears the worst when she is rushed to GH.

Health Scare for Robin

"This gives Patrick the chance to step up".

Picture: ABC medianet pic of scrubs talking about Michael in Robin's apt.

While You were Sleeping: After Robin collapses, Patrick rises to the occasion.


Robin suffers a scare that gives Patrick, the reluctant father of her baby, a -pardon the pun- pregnant pause. The week begins with Robin confiding her fears of being a single mom. Acting in her pal's best interest, Liz blabs about it to Patrick, stating that despite what she says, Robin doesn't want to raise the baby alone.

"They're at the point where they're moving forward, but Robin is giving Patrick every excuse not to be involved," says JT (Patrick). " So, he gives her this speech. He's saying, "I'm here. I'm nervous. I'm confused. I don't know what to do here. I can't promise I'll be perfect at it, but I'm here." They're not overly committed to each other, but they are trying to do this together."

Robin hears his words, but has something else on her mind. "She's having cravings for pizza after his big, long, heartfelt speech in which he opens up to her," laughs Thompson. "He's not mad, though. He goes out to get pizza, comes back and she's collapsed on the ground."He immediately brings her to the hospital and finds out that she has some problems."

Are the problems HIV related, since the mother has been living with the disease for over a decade? "As much as the odds are in her favor by a huge amount, there's still that small risk," Thompson acknowledges. "Obviously, his mind goes to the worst-case scenario but luckily, Elizabeth is there o talk him down and put it all in perspective."

Happily, the news is good. Robin and the baby are okay, but the mother is confined to bed rest for two weeks. "This gives Patrick the chance to step up and he does," smiles Thompson. "This situation made him think long and hard. he realizes, most of all, that he loves this woman and this baby that he wasn't really sure he wanted. When they're in danger, he comes to realize how much they really mean to him."

Comings and Goings

Nathan Anderson - Curtis Reitzel - tacey's baby daddy from NS returns with unsettling news for Robin the week of 6/9.

Jackie Debatin (Sharon): mystery woman from Sam's past emerges on 6/12.

Rosie Malek-Yonan (Farah Mir): Viewers meet Leyla's domineering mother the week of 6/9.

Eamonn Roche (Lloyd) - no relations to SR: Roche shows up on 6/10 and gives Spin a hard time.


Jason, Kimberly and Scrubs

Editor's Choice - Good Night Sweet Mob Prince

For the Michael Story.

They called it a Shakespearean tragedy.

And calls SBu, MB and LW the GH Varsity Trio.

Patrick and Robin Fans... new scoop

Posted By lala2002 on May 5, 2008 at 5:30PM

Well I just read the new Spoilers/rumors for GH. It said that a Patrick and Robin wedding is gonna happen and Head writer Bob Guza is pulling out all the stops on this one. It said he is making up for November/February sweeps. Goodie goodie goodie!!!! I am so excited, can't wait!!

Robin and Patrick's relationship

Posted By glam sugar on Mar 4, 2008 at 11:00AM

I've been a fan of this couple since day 1. I love how Patrick has matured (slowly and there's still issues) and how much he clearly loves Robin.

The scenes yesterday where Patrick found out were amazing, both actors were perfect. Now that he knows he's a daddy, do you think they'll get back together?

I do think they will, maybe not right away but either right before the baby is born or shortly after. They're both clearly in love and Leyla was just a rebound for the still immature, but super hot Patrick. :)

GH News & Gossip

Posted By lala2002 on Feb 29, 2008 at 4:49PM

Here's a link to Soapzone, NEws & Gossip for GH!! Good stuff ladies!!!

Which couple/uncouple are you rooting for the most right now?

Posted By glam sugar on Feb 28, 2008 at 11:25AM

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